Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Wedding Dress -- It's the Little Things

Yea! My thread arrived!

This thread is one that was highly recommended by Susan Khalje in her Craftsy Class: The Couture Dress which I took last summer (and still refer to often). The thread is beautiful but you can't go down to your local fabric store and pick up a spool. No, it isn't made any more.

This is thread made of 100% silk by a company called Belding Corticelli. According to this article the silk industry started having issues when skirts became shorter, other fabrics like rayon became more prevalent, and ready made dresses became an acceptable and affordable option. I cannot find too much information about the company after the 1930's, so I am guessing that this thread could be almost 80 years old. . .

Additional information about one of the companies which preceded Belding Coricelli is found here in a historical article on one of the founders of Belding Brothers & Company.

Well, folks, I have a dress to make!

Happy Sewing!
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