Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Skull Quilt Blocks

I posted a couple of these pictures on the Quilting Board that I occasionally frequent along with the message that I was making this quilt for a baby and got some very different opinions. Some people were horrified that I would make a skull quilt for a baby and some people thought it was very fresh and "out of the box". While a skull quilt for a baby has its nay-sayers, it is what the mom of the baby likes and she has already decorated with skulls. A somewhat older sibling (6-ish) is also just "gaga" over skulls.

Skulls are everywhere, on t-shirts for both genders for all ages (and even dogs), on shoes, the subject of video games for girls, on fabric, and toys such as stuffed skulls, etc. This trend has been out in pop culture for quite a few years now. I thought it would die off quickly, but no. I have done a bit of internet reading and there are two lines of thought as to where this trend came from: 1) popularity of pirates and 2) the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead or El Dia de Muertos.

If you have an opinion on why skulls are popular or if a skull baby quilt is horrific or cute, I'd love to hear your comments. Regardless of why skulls are popular, I don't think it will disappear overnight especially for this baby's mom. I think it will be an interesting baby quilt, and if the baby is scared of it -- I know mom will love it. I will post more pictures when the quilt is finished.

Happy quilting.
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