Friday, February 21, 2014

The Wedding Dress -- Field Trip to Vogue Fabrics

If you have never been to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Illinois, north of Chicago, it is hard to imagine a fabric store this big. The address is 718-732 Main Street and that alone should tell you it takes up an entire block. The photo above is of just one of several rooms. If I were not limited by the parking meter and lack of extra coins, I could spend an entire afternoon (and a large amount of money) in this place. As it was, I left with nothing. Yes, friends, I said "nothing". They were out of the cream dupioni that I need for DD's dress and they told me to order it on line and have it shipped to me. So that is just what I did. 

However, I still did a bit of poking around and found some really neat stuff, and took a few pictures of beaded trim that DD might like:

DD and I spoke briefly on the phone and she said that she would like a large beaded or sequined patch on the bottom of the bodice over the hip. But Vogue Fabrics didn't have anything there that I would work, so I suggested DD look on line and see if she could find something that she likes.

Happy Shopping! On line or otherwise. . .
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