Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Wedding Dress -- Godet vs Box Pleat

Faux box pleat (rt) and godet (rt)
Godet vs Box Pleat or should I say faux box pleat. We're talking flirt skirt here. I decided to experiment with a couple of options that may work for the reception flirt skirt. This skirt is in addition to the long wedding dress skirt with a train that I finished in my last post. What DD and I envision is a matching pencil flirt skirt which DD can change into during the reception so that dancing is easier. She can also take the separate bodice with the pencil skirt with her on the honeymoon to wear when night clubbing.

There are several ways to make the pencil skirt (Simplicity 1760) a flirt skirt. Any method that widens the skirt at the knees will make it a flirt skirt. I decided to experiment with the "godet" and a "faux box pleat". placed strategically around the hemline of a skirt, either option will allow movement of the skirt at the knees.

godet pieces
godet finished
A godet is a pie shaped slice of fabric. Here I used a triangular slice, but sometimes a godet has a rounded tip. I sewed the colored triangle to one "panel". Then sewed that entire "panel" to the other panel.

faux box pleat parts
Depending upon the type of fabric and the "hand" or feeling that it has, this slice of fabric may or may not be very visible.
 Of course with the fabrics being white and ivory, there will be little difference.

The faux box pleat is made using a colored rectangular or square piece of fabric between two panels of the skirt. The fabric is folded and as a result hides unless the wearer of the skirt is moving. Using a color of fabric similar to the main color of the skirt will make a very subtle look. While somewhat more complicated, imho, the box pleat gives 10 times the wow factor.

faux box pleat finished
Although it is totally up to DD (eh hem) I already know what option I that prefer. But of course DD will have final decision -- with a little help from her loving designer -- um er -- mom!

Happy flirting!
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