Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where There is a Will -- There's a Way!

I spent an afternoon at Lowe's. I looked at paint, flooring and counter tops as well as lighting. I went to the area where they have all of the cabinets and counter tops and asked some questions of the sales clerk-- er, designer. I told her I was on a budget and she began showing me some "less expensive" options. I gave her the linear dimensions of the counter top and she gave me an approximate price. Hmmm -- her price was higher than my entire budget. She must have seen my budget written all over my face, because suddenly, she was not so eager to help me find anything. I guessed I was not going to get new counter tops.

But heading through the paint department, I saw another option: Countertop Transformations™ by Rust-Oleum. I looked at the display and read the information on the box. Hmmm, maybe I could get new counter tops and new cabinets using Cabinet Transformations®, too!

Upon returning home, I got on to the internet and and went to the website to research the products. Rust-Oleum's website has product how-to videos and a "virtual kitchen" tool which allows you to mix and match cabinet and counter top color combinations until you find the one that is right for you. I found the combination that I liked and then made 5 different combinations and showed them all to my husband. Surprise, Surprise -- he picked the "right" combination!

I think that we will do the cabinets and counter tops before picking out all of the other colors for floors and back splash tile. Now I am getting excited!!!

Happy "Picking-out-all-your-colors"1

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