Monday, February 25, 2013

Project 2016 -- Florida or Bust: Kitchen Makeover Day Three

In our last episode, the DH and I applied the adhesive base coat and the color chips in the first step of the application process of the Countertop Transformations® kit. Following the directions, we left the counter tops alone to dry overnight. This morning, with barely a cup of coffee in me, I started getting the extra chips off of the counters and sanding. It didn't take long to see that the coverage in some areas was not thick enough and the original white was shinning through. The further I went, the more convinced I was that the lack of coverage was systemic and not just one isolated area. It would need a second coat. Problem is, we used most of the product yesterday.

This left me with a decision -- go back to Lowe's and purchase another kit for $248.00, or finish the last step and be unhappy forever. I didn't do either, I contacted Rust-Oleum's customer service. I explained my issue to the customer service representative and he said that I could special order additional adhesive base and color chips through Lowe's and it would be somewhat cheaper than ordering a new kit. It would also save me time than if I continued on with the top coat and decided to re-do it at a later date. Once I put on the gloss coat I would have to sand the gloss off the finish at this point, I just paint on a new coat of the base.

So off to Lowe's the DH and I went. Again, I explained the issue to the sales woman at the paint counter and gave her the customer service number for Rust-Oleum. After a conversation with Rust-Oleum, I was told the extra product would have to be purchased in a lot of 2 cans of base and 2 sets of color chips at $170.00. Twice as much as I really need (unless I screw up again and need a third coat) for less money. But it would take about a week (read 10 days or more?) for the order to come in. This means living with a kitchen I am unable to use even longer. But for an $80.00 savings, I guess I will put up with waiting a week. Waiting however does not save me from cleaning the mess up yet again.

I will say that where the counter tops are covered with enough product, they look great. So I think with the added effort and cost, I will be happy with the end result.

My makeover plans, as many do, have been interrupted and will have to be changed or my week vacation will be for naught. Plan B is to work on the upper cabinets on both sides of the kitchen and getting them done as they are out of the way of the counter tops. I can also do all of the lower cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Besides, if I run out of doors to paint, I can always knit!

Happy change of plans.
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