Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Quick Book Review

Some books are bought after a lot of thought; some books are bought after a quick "look-see". Some books are bought by accident. Or should I say this book was bought after an accident. Thankfully, I really liked the book!

There are a couple of colleagues at my office that are fiber artists. I told you about one who taught me how to spin my own yarn. She got Alice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting as a gift from her husband for Christmas and was generous enough to loan it to me for a weekend to read. I intended to return it to her on the following Monday, but she was out of the office, so I carried it back and forth on my commute one more time. 

I drink a large thermos of coffee every morning on the way to work. I guess it doesn't take much effort to imagine what happened next -- after only a couple of sips of coffee, I threw the thermos in my commuting bag, but the lid was not closed properly, and my bag was drenched with coffee -- extra cream. The book was in another compartment, but there was enough coffee was in the thermos that the binding on the book turned brown. So I had to hop on Amazon and buy a new copy for my colleague and I kept the coffee copy for myself. At least I really like the book.

This is the new and expanded edition. In it, Starmore has a number of traditional and self designed motifs. The traditional patterns come from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Russia and several other countries. The charts of the patterns in the book are clear and easy to read. The photos of her work are treats to the eyes.

I have already made good use of my "accidental" purchase. I have two of the motifs in my new design that I am creating. You can see the first motif (the triangles) just above the ribbing.

I'll use this book a lot -- it's a classic!

Happy reading about knitting!
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