Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remodeling For Girls!

There must be several of you who are wanting to know how I am doing on my kitchen remodel. I am plodding along at the moment, waiting for my weeks vacation to get the majority of the work done. I have taken the doors off of the cabinet today and begun to patch the damage done to the wall that I showed you in a prior post. I have been working on it a little every night, er almost every night. (Sometimes knitting/spinning/plying gets in the way.)

I want to share with you a product that I have used several times in the past. DryDex is a spackling product which changes color as it dries. And get this: It Goes On PINK! PINK -- what's not to love about that. As it dries, it turns white. This lets you know that it is dry so that you don't sand it too early. Wet sanding spackle will cause a build up on your sand paper (or sanding block) which will make the sanding ineffective.

When the spackle is completely white, you can sand it or apply a second layer of spackle as necessary. Easy Peasy!

During the week, I will continue to remove doors, wash the last of the wall paper paste off the walls and patch the damage. I have to find places to put all my dishes. And purchase saw horses in order to make a work bench in order to paint all the doors. So much to do!

Happy remodeling!!!

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