Saturday, August 24, 2013

Practice Pattern Continued -- Round 3

I am not a quitter, I am not a quitter, I am not a quitter!!! Or so I keep telling myself.

In our last episode on Butterick 5924, I made adjustments to increase the size of the bust line. I marked and cut the four new pieces of muslin for the pattern. Then I reassembled the blouse.

When I tried it on I still had fitting issues. I found that I must have incorrectly measured the length from the center nape of neck to the bust point. The bust point was too high and the dart points were really too pointy. The muslin was also a bit snug at the chest through the arm's eye.

I have gone back to the pattern and cut out a box around the dart. I slid the cut out about 1.25 inches lower and used green tissue paper to fill in the gap. I then lengthened the center line of the dart and redrew the dart legs. Lastly, I folded the pattern at the dart and redrew the side seam. Hopefully this will solve the dart problem.

I am also going to try to increase one pattern size up on the front side seams only. The back is plenty wide enough and I should be able to ease the sleeves in regardless of those changes. I have made so many changes to this pattern piece that if it needs any more changes, I may not be able to see my marks! Now to start the new muslin pieces.

Happy adjusting!
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