Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 3 R's: Re-Purpose, Re-Use, Re-Cycle Redux

As I have told you before, I like to re-purpose things (or re-use). Here is something that can save you a few cents and brighten up a cross country gift.

When mailing a small gift to a friend, re-use a bright gift bag someone else used to give you a gift.

 Cut off the handles and the tag.

 You may need to remove a heavy piece of cardboard inside the lip of the bag

and you may need to trim the side of the bag that the bottom is on. This will give you a cleaner looking fold. After inserting the gift, fold the top of the bag to the side to which the bottom of the bag folds.
Using wide packing tape, close the bag shut and tape a mailing label on the side to which the bottom of the bag is folded.

Now that is a bright package! Wouldn't you love to open your mail box and find that bit of sunshine?

Happy standing in the line at the post office!!
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