Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project 2016 -- Florida or Bust: Kitchen Makeover Days Eight and Nine

This is my living room. It consists of all the painted doors of my kitchen cabinets and all of the contents of my kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, this is how it will remain for the next few weeks as I slowly progress through the two remaining steps to my cabinet makeover (let's just ignore the whole counter top debacle).

If I had it to begin all over again, these are the things I would do differently:

  • Only plan one project at a time. I shouldn't have thought I could get so much done in one week. But that would have depended on:
  • Doing more research. If I had gone through the videos a couple of times, I might have realized that the project had a lot of steps and would take more time. Breaking the steps into smaller projects would have allowed me to rest between projects. It may have also allowed me to realize that I needed more room to progress quickly on painting the cabinet doors. Perhaps set up the painting in the basement -- regardless of how cold it might be down there.
  • Do more prep work in advance. I wasted an entire day just cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. I could have done this in the evenings prior to my working vacation.

My working vacation is over and I must return to work tomorrow morning. I will have to insert the next steps of the process during the evenings and upcoming weekends.

Happy painting.
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