Sunday, June 30, 2013

La Ristrutturazione del Bagno è Finita

That's Italian for 'the bathroom renovation is finished'! It sounds so much prettier in Italian just like my 'new' bathroom is so much prettier than the 'old' bathroom.

Painting was easy -- I did it all in one day. I also put the toilet together and fixed the gouge in the tub from when I dropped the tile. A 'field trip' to Bed Bath and Beyond yielded a new, extra-long shower curtain, towels and floor mats. The shower curtain will look better once it has hung for a few days and after a couple of steamy showers takes the wrinkles out. I certainly am glad to be done. I promise, these are the last pictures of this bathroom you will ever see. (However, I do have two more bathrooms that need painting . . . next year.)

Happy . . . sitting down and relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day!
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