Thursday, June 13, 2013

Couture Class

I've suddenly become enamored of couture, don't ask me why. I began on-line research of the subject which led me to Susan Khalje Couture. I looked at her website and decided that I wanted to take her class. Alas, I am unable to afford the near $1,000 price tag for the 6 day long class. Oh, how I wish money grew on trees! But wait! Upon further research, I found that Susan had teamed up with Crafty to put together an on-line class in couture! Now this makes a couture class affordable for me.

I quickly paid my fee and the "class" was immediately available to me; however, the Vogue pattern #8648 that was included as part of the price of the class will take approximately 10 days to arrive. That's OK by me as I want to listen to all of the lessons before beginning any project. My plan is to make either view D, E or F as I kinda like the flouncy skirt. But of course if any of you know me well, my mind can easily change. I have not decided on if I want a sleeve or not. That might be entirely dictated by the fabric that I choose. If I find flashy evening wear fabric, this may end up sleeveless, but if I find a fabric that would be great for work, it will more likely have sleeves.

So far, I have worked my way through the first 7 of 15 lessons. And it has definitely been worth the money. All those years that I made clothes and they only ever turned out "alright" because I really didn't know how to sew like this. However, couture is not quick and easy and is absolutely not for anyone who desires instant gratification. This is labor intensive with a lot of hand work and way more steps than are on the back of a pattern. Susan Khalje uses the analogy of food. You can eat with a fast-food hamburger and fries or you can eat a 7 course gourmet meal from a 5 star restaurant. Both will fill you up but they are very different.

Happy sewing!

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