Sunday, January 13, 2013

Progress on Ginkgo

I put this project to the side while I finished a couple of other things (chullo, chullo, cap and scarf, sea anemone) but now I am back to it. I have made pretty good progress and am through the first two sets of leaves. I really like how the leaves are formed.

The lace on this shawlette is created on both sides of the knitting -- no resting on the purl rows. I have already had to "tink" back several times to fix where I have put in the incorrect decrease. This pattern uses four different single decreases: k2tog, skp, p2tog and ssp. (Click on link for videos of each decrease.) There are two knit decreases that slant in different directions and 2 purl decreases that also slant in different directions. If you get them switched up, the lace just doesn't look right.

For as many times as I have had to knit and re-knit some of the rows, the Sakkie yarn that my daughter selected is quite resilient. It is taking the beating well. I might just have to try some for a pair of socks.

So far so good. Only two more sets of leaves to go.

Happy Knitting.
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