Monday, August 18, 2014

Julia Child - The Way to Cook

My DH is a book freak. If there is a book store in the area, he wants to stop in to look around. So this past weekend we were going past Half Price Books and the DH had to stop. This time however, I was the one to find a book to bring home: Julia Child's The Way to Cook. This, her seventh book, is a collection of over 800 recipes. I just had to have it.

So when I couldn't sleep last night, I picked up this huge door stop of a cook book and started to read recipes. I found one that was not only simple but the ingredients were cheap! So guess what we had for dinner?! Hominy Sautéed with Butter and Herbs on page 340. I only had dried herbs on hand so I guess in Julia Child's world, I must have cheated, but it was pretty good anyway!

I did find an online copy of the recipe here if you want to try it. If it is worth anything, my husband's comment was that he would eat it again -- and then he took seconds. I guess I will cook it again!

Now to find something else just a little different from what we usually eat. I think I saw a recipe for brussel sprouts in that book last night...

Happy cookbook reading!
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