Monday, July 29, 2013

Ruffles and Horse Hair Braid

Layers of fluffy chiffon are one thing that is often found on a wedding gown. Dear Daughter wants lots of fluffy ruffles that roll beautifully and don't collapse on themselves.

In my on-line couture class, one of the things that I learned about was a horse hair braid in a hem. Horse hair isn't made from actual horse hair as it was years ago, it is now made from nylon mesh and is used to stiffen the edge of a hem or ruffle, stopping it from collapsing on itself and becoming flat. It acts similar to the metal in a hoop skirt but still allows for draping and curling of the ruffle.

Horse hair braid comes in many widths and is a common addition to the hemline of many couture creations. Think swing coats, crinoline petticoats and of course wedding dresses. This will be a must for DD's bridal dress. I am looking forward to what can be done with this product--it will be a "new toy" for me.

Below are some pictures I found on the internet that represented uses of horse hair braid:

Oops! how did this one get in?

Happy hemming!

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