Friday, May 24, 2013

Project 2016 -- Florida or Bust: Bathroom Makeover - The Beginning!

This isn't a picture of my work. This is the inspiration for my planned tile job in the guest bathroom shower. I have several sheets of tile left over from my kitchen makeover so I found this design at my local Menards store which features the same size tile. I bought off white ("Biscuit") field tile and the tile with the diamond cut outs as trim. Now if I ever get to the point of installing them, I would be happy.

Unfortunately, something always goes wrong in "Remodel Land". I found that the tile that I was removing was attached with some kind of construction adhesive which meant that the tile was not getting removed very easily. In fact, when I got a little past this point, as I chiseled away at the tile, it was actually removing portions of green board with the tile and I realized that this was not going to be a quick tile job as I was going to have to replace the green board, too.

So, now this is what it looks like. I had to go right down to the studs to make sure that I will get a good end result. My trusty dusty brother-in-law will be arriving next weekend to help me re-install green board.

I have only installed dry wall once about 25 years ago and I do not want to rely on my memory on how to tape and mud joints. If it was any other place other than the shower, I might actually try to do it without experience, but a shower is not the place to earn your stripes. Water damage is not fun.

If my brother-in-law can just get me back to complete walls, I have no problem getting the tile up. After living in Florida where everything is tiled, I must have tiled at least an acre worth of tile in my life time.

Happy demolition!
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