Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As a Knitter, You Can Fly, But You Can't Deliberate.

I found out something yesterday. You can still fly with knitting needles, but don't try to enter a court room with knitting needles. Hmmmm, I should have known considering last year I blogged about this. I was so excited about the possibility of a day of uninterrupted knitting. I had my knitting bag packed with all of my projects and the first thing I see was a sign listing all the prohibited items; guns, knives, knitting needles, etc. Back out to the car with all of my fun.

At least I was selected as an alternate juror and was too busy to knit. I did get a little reading done in my new used book during breaks. It is back to work tomorrow and back to the regular knitting schedule.

Happy Knitting!
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