Sea Anemone Ear Flap Hat

Yarn:  2 Skeins of Noro Hitsuji, [100% Wool, 100 grams, 100 meters] Color #6 (or other suitable bulky weight yarn).

Gauge = 12 stitches = 4 inches

Finished Hat Circumference = approx. 21 (23 1/3, 25 1/3) inches

Note: Pattern is written for smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. To follow pattern more easily, circle all numbers pertaining to your size before beginning.

Needles: US 10 circular or set of dpn; or size necessary to make gauge. You can use straight needles to begin the ear flaps.

CO – Cast On
dec – decrease
dpn – double pointed needles
k – Knit
k2tog – knit two together
p --- Purl
pfb – Purl into front and back of stitch
pm – place marker
ps – pattern stitch (see below)
rs – right side (knit / pattern side row)
ws – wrong side (purl side row)

Pattern Stitch – To make an anemone stitch: with right needle, pull yarn from back to front between 1st and 2nd stitch until you have a folded over piece of yarn about 3 to 4 inches long from fold back to knitting. Place your finger in the fold and twirl the yarn a few times as if you are plying it. Fold it back on itself and place the loop from your finger to the left knitting needle and knit it along with the 1st stitch on the left needle. One tendril made.

I used videos to learn the stitch so YouTube can be your friend today. Easy Peasy! The tendrils are only made on the right side, or the knit side, of the fabric. Do not knit the tendrils evenly (i.e. every 2nd or every 3rd stitch); knit them somewhat randomly so that when increasing on the ear flaps and decreasing on the crown of the hat, the pattern does not change noticeably. Also vary the length slightly and one long or one short tendril will not be noticeable – this is not a hat to practice perfectionism.

Be careful when knitting the tendril that you keep the tendril under the needle. If you knit with the needle underneath the tendril, the tendril will end up on the wrong side of the fabric (inside of the hat).

If you use Noro Hitsuji, (or any other yarn that varies in thickness through out the skein) as I did – you should take care when knitting the tendril with the 1st stitch on the left needle. It is very easy to grab two stitches thinking that you only grabbed one. This will cause you to end with the wrong number of stitches for the decrease.

This stitch uses a tremendous amount of yarn for even a small project; therefore, it would be a great stash buster. If you used two worsted weight yarns knit together, you could really get some funky color combinations!

Using long tail cast on, CO3.

R1 – k3 (rs row)
R2 – p1, pfb, p1
R3 –p across
R4 – p1, pfb, p to next to last stitch then pfb, p1
Continue repeating R3 and R4 until there are 20 (22, 22) stitches on your needle – end with a ws row.
One ear flap completed.

Complete a second ear flap. If you are using straight needles, move the first ear flap to a stitch holder or waste yarn. If you are using a single circular needle you can leave the first earflap where it is and begin the second one right next to it. It is also possible to do both ear flaps simultaneously like two at a time socks.

When both ear flaps are done, knit in ps across one ear flap; then, using backwards loop cast on, CO 7 (6, 9) sts; knit in ps across second ear flap; then again, CO 8 (10, 12) sts, pm, CO 8 (10, 12) sts – 63 (70, 77) sts total. Attach ends to knit in the round, taking care not to twist knitting.

K around to marker; then begin ps until marker continue to alternate between k and ps until you have knit 5 to 5 1/2 inches. At this point, you may want to try the hat on to make sure that the hat will sit low enough on your head before decreasing for the crown. Make adjustment in length if necessary by knitting a couple of extra rows as necessary.

To decrease, begin decreases on a plain k row.

Dec rounds 1 & 2 – k6, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 3 & 4 – k5, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 5 & 6 – k4, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 7 & 8 – k3, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 9 & 10 – k2, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 11 & 12 – k1, k2tog 9 (10, 11) times to marker, then, knit one row in ps
Dec rounds 13 & 14 – k2tog 4 (5, 5) times – leave any single stitch by itself.

Remove marker. Break yarn leaving a 12-inch tail. Using a yarn needle, thread yarn tail through remaining 5 (5, 6) sts and pull yarn tight to close top of hat. Weave in ends.

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© Ledra Slavik 2013
This pattern is intended for personal use only. Please do not redistribute, sell, or use commercially in any way unless you have been given my permission.
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